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Who They Are?

  • Body Mechanics Partners
  • Mental health professionals
  • ‘A better you. One day at a time’
  • UK based

What They Offer?

Practical tools and experience for business place application and personal growth

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  • Issue specific – emotional intelligence, resilience, productivity, innovative thinking, team cohesion, psychology and neuroscience, among others
  • Variety – Coaching, counselling and training courses
  • Flexibility – Bespoke, Tailored or OTS options
    • Company specific or open attendance
    • OTS Courses tend to be divided into:
      • Senior Management – strategy
      • HR & Line Managers – strategy and awareness
      • All Employees – awareness
  • Focused on the workplace (business determined) AND the individual (personal)
  • Delivered by leaders in their field
  • Online and face to face delivery

How Will This Help Me?

Stay current with workplace, social and personal issues. Build an environment based on support, trust, openness and loyalty.

  • Adapt and support both your business’ and your employees’ needs
  • Discover new insights into your business and your employees
  • Leading edge coaching, counselling and training with proven and lasting results
  • Areas of particular relevance:
    • On-boarding new employees
    • Mental Health First Aid Training
    • Return to Work
    • Strategy for Business Development
    • Support to PDR’s
    • Overseas Assignment Preparation
  • Complete sensitivity and confidentiality when dealing with business and personal information


How Do I Book An Appointment?

Contact Nikki Roy at enquiries@bodymechanics.co.uk or call 0333 577 4550 to discuss your requirements.