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Happy and Healthy Employees = A Productive and Profitable Business

Defining Best Practice For Employee Wellbeing & Company Success

  • Meet CIPD and HSE best practice guidelines
  • Reduce sickness absence and presenteeism
  • Boost productivity and increase profitability
  • Boost creativity and innovation

  • Build an engaged workforce

  • Attract the best talent and increase retention

  • Enhance your employer brand - be recognised as a visionary or forward-thinker in your industry

  • Achieve greater business stability

  • Define your business' path for the future

Ask yourself...

Light airy office with lady sat at desk behind vertical windows
  • Do you have a corporate health and wellbeing programme in place?
  • If so, why isn't it effective? What is it missing? Is it incorporated into your business' strategy?
  • If not, are budget constraints, outdated work practices or buy-in from Senior Management issues?
Two people sat on comfy chairs around a low table having a meeting
  • Are sickness absence rates and presenteeism hindering your business performance and deliverables?
  • Are you fulfilling your duty of care towards your employees?
  • Can you and do you offer support to those with on-going health issues - on-site treatment? Return-to-Work plans? Occupational Health reviews?
Group of people with hands in the centre celebrating an office win
  • What is your business culture like?
  • Does your business culture invite and retain the best talent, setting your on the path to business growth and success?
  • How can health and wellbeing help you strengthen your Employer Brand?

Body Mechanics is here to help.


A comprehensive and balanced approach to overall health and wellbeing, dealing with common life stresses by finding appropriate outlets, management techniques, while building confidence and resilience.

Additional services can be available upon request.

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We are trusted by:

OCADO - Corporate Development & Strategy

"The Body Mechanics team are highly skilled in the field of health and wellbeing. Body Mechanics are amongst the most competent, professional and considerate specialists I have met and they always make sure to listen and swiftly respond to their clients' needs. In addition, they are very friendly and can make anyone feel at their ease. You are, quite literally, in good hands!"

Beavertown Brewery - Head of People

"We have worked with Body Mechanics on multiple occasions. We have a varied workforce from drivers, production staff to office workers here at Beavertown and the team are great at tailoring needs to suit the business. The pre- and post- care Body Mechanics provides is important to us. They are a pleasure to work with and naturally makes the team at Beavertown feel comfortable and relaxed."

Why work with us?


  • We work with you to develop the right wellbeing programme for your business, and regularly evaluate progress. We support and dovetail seamlessly around your existing return to work and absence management practices


  • On-site or home visit services, as appropriate
  • A programme schedule of your choice
  • 24/7 online booking system
  • A designated team of highly trained health and wellbeing professionals
  • Full admin/tech support


  • Range of services covering mental health, physical health and lifestyle issues
  • A programme structure of your choice
  • Either fully corporate or subsidised investments available


  • Programmes to suit all types and size of organisation
  • Future proof and grow with your business - incorporate ways to upscale your health and wellbeing programme
  • Multiple locations across the UK covered


  • We're a team of highly skilled and experienced Therapists and Trainers, who are from corporate or medical backgrounds.
  • We're well versed in the benefits a health and wellbeing programme can bring to your business.
  • We also understand the challenges you face.


  • You’re investing in your community when you work with Body Mechanics. Our network of on-site practitioners is hyper-local to our client businesses location across the UK


  • Our tailored service allows us to focus on delivering only what your business needs, ensuring you get the best value for money and a tangible return on investment

Covid Compliance

  • Adherence to latest guidance from Government and Industry Bodies
  • Strict hygiene protocols
  • Appropriate single use PPE
  • Contactless or Virtual Consultation process

Integrity in our Partnerships

  • We bring you the best available services by working with well-established, industry leaders who have a strong community ethic

Next Steps

Step One: Consultation

  • we discuss your requirements, goals and budget

Step Two: Strategy

  • we design a bespoke programme and launch a plan to maximise successful uptake and return on investment

Step Three: Implementation

  • we launch, regularly evaluate and adjust your programme accordingly, delivering the best results for you and your employees

Take Action

We frequently see businesses who don't invest in their employees' health and wellbeing suffering with:

  • Failure to meet best practice towards employees and duty of care
  • Outdated business models and strategies
  • High rates of sickness absence and presenteeism
  • Low employee engagement and workplace lethargy
  • Negative company culture and morale
  • High level of employee attrition
  • Poor reputation as an employer and within industry
  • Lack of creativity, innovation and productivity

All of these negatively impact your business and its bottom line.
Don't let this happen to you. Invest in your people. Work with Body Mechanics.

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Want to know how to achieve the right health and wellbeing programme for your business?

Download our FREE guide "5 Things Your Corporate Health and Wellbeing Plan Should Always Include"

Corporate Health and Wellbeing Plans vary from business to business in terms of their aims, the services they provide and the way in which they’re communicated. Although tailoring these is important, there are 5 key areas you must absolutely include for it to be successful in meeting both your business’ and your employee requirements.

  • Strategise
  • Serve
  • Involve
  • Inspire
  • Get Outdoors

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