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Financial Security for All Eventualities
Loss of income needn’t be stressful for you or your family.

Be prepared for the unexpected. Life doesn’t always go according to plan - job loss and illness are two of the major reasons for loss of income - but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared.

Plan for the future in your absence. Ensure the financial security of your loved ones when you pass.

What we offer

  • Assess both your current situation and any existing protection policies you may have
  • Research and advise on the protection options available
  • Regularly review your protection plans to ensure they’ll still fit for purpose


How we help you

  • We remove the stress of dealing with the unknown or unexpected
  • We look at as many life scenarios as possible to identify where you need financial protection
  • As independent advisors we aren’t tied to any one provider or protection option

What is available

  • Decreasing Term Assurance
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Trusts
  • Term Assurance
  • Whole of Life Insurance
  • Business Protection
  • Income Protection Insurance
  • Family Income Benefit