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Realex logo in black

Who They Are?

  • VR Digital Relaxation Service, reducing anxiety, depression and stress
  • ‘Body Mechanics Partner
  • Realex is the result of multi country participants

What They Offer?

Take control of your mental health. Make relaxation and mental offload accessible to staff.

  • Science-based, Immersive virtual reality experiences using VR headsets
  • People can enjoy 360 degree natural landscapes, while staying in their office or home
  • No need to take a lengthy time out, as each experience is 8-10 mins, to energise rather than plateau

How Will This Help Our Business?

  • Show employees you support their mental health
  • Addresses burnout, reduces stress, anxiety and non-clinical depression
  • Innovative and enjoyable experience
  • Simple, yet effective way to allow people to manage their own mental health
  • Tech solution shown to interest men and women equally – research shows that yoga and mindfulness tend to be rejected by male staff, especially middle managers and manual workers


How Can We Try Realex?

Email enquiries@bodymechanics.co.uk or call 0333 577 4550 to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.

Most businesses buy a stock of Realex, which is held at central locations within an office, department or team.

The number of Realex taken depends on the size of the business

As and when people want to use Realex, they simply take a headset for use, or book out a time on an internal booking system. Again, this depends on how best a business feels accessibility and use will work