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The Importance of having a Corporate Health and Wellbeing Framework

At Body Mechanics, we are strong advocates of corporate health and wellbeing done well; it's the sole focus of our business. Our priority is to help organisations implement health and wellbeing programmes, which support both their employee and business needs, competently and inclusively.

Very few organisations take health and wellbeing as seriously as it deserves. We’re still at a point where health and wellbeing is treated as a tick box exercise, kept at arm's length, doing just enough to say it's been addressed as an employee/workplace issue. We’re all too familiar with the Health and Safety Manager who has suddenly had ‘Wellbeing’ added on to their job title, or the subsidised private health insurance, discounted gym membership and 20 minute seated massages every month, and although these things definitely have a place, they simply aren’t enough.

So why not change that? Why not take a look at our top recommendations for how to develop a fit for purpose health and wellbeing programme.

Once you have your programme in place, how can you take it one step further and ensure you achieve your business goals, demonstrate your commitment to your employees and maintain best practice? You create a corporate health and wellbeing framework. There are so many benefits in doing so. It:

  • Offers clarity around the importance of health and wellbeing
  • Serves as a guide to achieve best practice consistently
  • Manages expectations through transparency
  • Helps to improve systems, processes and interoperability
  • Provides focus and goals to work towards and maintain
  • Functions as a platform for innovation, creativity and new opportunities
  • Gives a structured way in which to review and adapt your framework to suit your employees’ and business needs

A framework helps a business state their duty of care to their employees and it makes your employees feel like they’ve been seen, heard and valued.

Whilst developing your health and wellbeing framework, it's important to give due consideration to the particular areas below:

  • Product/s and/or Service/s - what you will provide and how
  • Performance - to what level you’ll provide it/them
  • Management - which systems you’ll use to ensure quality control and the maintenance of best practice
  • Personnel - who will provide the chosen product/s and/or service/s along with their credentials and who will oversee the running of the health and wellbeing programme

Having a comprehensive and robust framework can only be a positive thing. It has been designed to boost employee health and happiness, engagement and productivity, your employer brand and employee loyalty, which ultimately results in business success and profitability. Everyone’s a winner!

If you’d like to discuss how to go about developing and implementing a health and wellbeing programme and/or a health and wellbeing framework, please get in touch. We’re happy to help.