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HR Priorities in 2024

Key Areas of Focus

With 2023 quickly coming to a close, People Managers are laser focused on refining their priorities for 2024. So what are those priorities and commonalities? Read on to find out.

Several factors have directly influenced the workplace challenges being faced by People Managers - a change in workforce demographics, employee workplace expectations, gaps in knowledge, flexible work practices and the cost of living crisis. Most of these challenges aren’t new, however by throwing the cost of living crisis into the mix, it has arguably amplified the importance of these challenges and the need for managing them well.

In their latest report, ‘State of Employee Engagement 2023/24', WorkBuzz, an employee engagement specialist has determined that the top 3 priorities for 2024 are:

  • Retention
  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Recruitment

This time last year, retention was third in the list and employee wellbeing was fifth.

Retaining and nurturing talent is seen as the current key to business success. Keeping talent engaged, valued and with a clearly defined path of development, is being increasingly deemed as the best way to ensure their happiness and their loyalty. By getting these things right, it means businesses will stay productive, profitable, relevant and ultimately, successful.

So how do you stay aware of workplace challenges in real time and the subsequent competent management of them? You ask your talent. You give them ways to make themselves heard. You ask them what they want and need from their workplace and job role. It may be through online feedback platforms, it may be through face to face discussion forums, or quarterly surveys; whichever methods you use, its vital people feel heard, understood and appreciated.

So now you know where the HR industry generally is focusing their efforts, what are your priorities for 2024?
How do you manage talent retention and employee engagement? Employee Wellbeing? Recruitment?

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