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The Truth Behind 75% Of Sickness Absence

This article first appeared on North East Connected in 2017

  • 75% of sickness absence is due to stress or musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s) and 40% of those days lost are attributable to work related illness (source: Health and Safety Executive 2014/15)
  • There is a gap in current healthcare system between the NHS, which is a free resource but overburdened and Private Health Insurance, which is circumscribed by cost. With an aging population and ever fewer resources, this gap will widen
  • The suggestion is that employers are asked to increase their level of investment in employee health and wellbeing programmes as part of their corporate social responsibility and HR best practice
  • That health and wellbeing programmes should be part of an organisation’s business strategy
  • Body Mechanics Remedial work with businesses to deliver tailored health and wellbeing programmes on-site to employees. They include massage, nutrition plans, Pilates and personal training programmes
  • Body Mechanics Remedial stands to support employers in being proactive towards employees health and wellbeing – ‘prevention is better than cure’


For every £1 spent on health and wellbeing programmes, the organisation recovered £4.17 in programme benefits (source: Health Work Wellbeing study in collaboration with PWC)

Case study infographic for global email marketing company, showing:

  • 100% say it helps maintain their general health and wellbeing
  • 93% of staff attending regularly
  • 50% use the service to help manage stress
  • 22% use it for treatment of a specific injury
  • 87% say it helps their working performance