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The Benefits Of Breathwork

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What if there was a magic pill that could give you more natural energy than a cup of coffee? That could help you to think clearer, be more creative, to de-stress and even sleep better.

Sound too good to be true?

What if we told you that you already have that magic pill and it’s quite literally under your nose!

Breathwork is being tipped as the next revolution in health and wellness. Thanks to world-renowned teacher, Richie Bostock aka @thebreathguy, you too can try a series of classes on Fiit.

You may be thinking, why do you need breathing classes? After all, you’ve been breathing all your life!

Well, Breathwork involves specific breathing techniques that have the power to change our physical, mental and emotional states.

Oxygen is the body’s number one fuel source, and increasing oxygen levels in the body brings a whole host of benefits. That’s why elite athletes, Silicon Valley CEOs and world famous performers are turning to Breathwork to feel and perform at their best. And now you can too, without leaving your living room!

“It’s so simple! All you need is a comfortable space to lie down, listen to me and breath along as I lead you through a series of breathing flows that will leave you feeling amazing!” says Richie

Many of us today live in a state of high stress all the time which is so detrimental to our health and happiness. Some of us have forgotten what it even feels like to be relaxed.

“The cool thing about Breathwork is it can get you out of your mind in a few minutes. You’ll start to feel physical sensations and then go into a meditative state, without needing to know anything about meditation. I’ve had clients with insomnia have their first good night of sleep in decades after just one class!”

With Fiit, you can breathe with Richie whenever and wherever you want. Start with the Fundamentals classes and master the basics before progressing to more advanced classes. We know you’re going to love it.

But don’t just take our word for it! Check out what some of our members have to say after trying Richie’s classes for the first time:


Richie’s Breathwork classes are available as part of Body Mechanics Membership.

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