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A Blended Approach to Corporate Health and Wellbeing

On-Site and Off-Site Services

At Body Mechanics we’re frequently asked about the best approach when selecting services for corporate health and wellbeing programmes. Our answer is simple and focuses on two main things - accessibility and convenience for your employees.

But first, let’s take a step back.

Health and wellbeing is all about keeping your employees happy, healthy, engaged and in the workplace as much as is reasonably possible. From a business point of view, it goes one step further and looks at the commercial aims - it's about establishing a gold standard employer brand, enhancing employee productivity and increasing business profits.

In order to achieve the above, your employees need to be able to access health and wellbeing services as and when they need them. It’s absolutely vital in order for any health and wellbeing programme to work and to deliver a return on investment.

This is why Body Mechanics strongly advocates a blended approach of both on- and off-site health and wellbeing services. On-site services can help meet the smaller, day-to-day self care requirements, whereas off-site can focus on the more involved health concerns.

To explain further, when we talk with companies about their H&W provision, there is one overwhelming trend. Most will outsource and use a large health and wellbeing provider to offer things like:

  • subsidised private healthcare insurance
  • discounts on gym membership and high street retailers
  • a limited number of hours to practitioners like physiotherapists and osteopaths
  • cashback health plans on dental and optical health
  • access to Counsellors

and tick health and wellbeing off their to do list. All of the above have value BUT they don’t negate the day-to-day time and energy drains, they add to them. For example:

  • waiting on hold to make an appointment
  • not being able to get an appointment for a couple of weeks
  • trying to coordinate diaries and other people
  • having to travel
  • organising childcare
  • ensuring you have cover at work
  • incurring additional costs such as travel/fuel, parking

Health and wellbeing can start to feel like a chore and can actually deter your employees from taking action and seeking the care they require.

So why not use the blended approach of both off-site and on-site services wherever possible? The more accessible health and wellbeing services are, the more convenient they become for your employees and the more likely they are to look after themselves properly.

Moving as many services as possible to on-site will only have a positive impact on both your employees’ and your business’ performance. Keep health and wellbeing accessible and convenient.

If you’d like to explore how Body Mechanics Health and Wellbeing Programmes can help your business please get in touch: enquiries@bodymechanics.co.uk