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Buyers Guide – Stretch & Resistance

Article provided by PhysiQue

Resistance training is any exercise that causes the muscles to contract against an external resistance. Traditionally dumbbells or barbells were used for resistance, however, these can be big and bulky, especially when transporting. Our range of stretch resistance products features pioneering products that allow you to do resistance training wherever you are. Lightweight, compact, easy to use and suitable for all levels of strength. Plus, many of our Stretch Resistance products are on our 4 for 3 Mix & Match deal so you can create your very own bespoke training kit at a great price.


Minibands are underrated high-quality elastic loops that are perfect for training and rehab exercises for the upper body, lower body, plyometric and abs. They’re light and compact, making them ideal for using anywhere – on the field, at home, in the clinic or at the gym. They can be easily incorporated into a range of exercises to help you make the most of lateral movements, stabilisation, and posture work, or to instantly increase the effectiveness of your workout. They can be used to help you warm up (e.g. glute walks), cool down (e.g. plank jacks) or as part of a high-intensity workout (e.g. bear crawl, crunches and glute bridge).

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