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Fasting and Hormones – Podcast Review

#342 Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee and Dr Mindy Pelz

In this article, I am sharing a podcast recommendation which was made to me by one of my private clients.

I don’t often get genuinely excited about a podcast episode, but I am about this one! It’s insightful, practical and gifts you some ‘aha’ moments, where things click into place and make sense. We’re often taught as women to ‘just get on with things’ and as a result fight against our natural biology and hormone balance. Dr Pelz gives you a step-by-step guide on how to regain balance and control.

This podcast episode is a fascinating insight into women’s health and how fasting can help bring about a significant range of health and wellbeing benefits. The reason this episode is different is because it addresses three things as being intrinsically linked, rather than looking at each aspect in isolation - fasting, hormones and exercise. It's because of this synergistic approach, that it offers an elevated level of understanding of women’s health and how they can get the most out of their individual health and wellbeing.

Throughout the podcast Dr Pelz looks at how women can use different fasting protocols at different points of their menstrual cycle - four phases which alter hormone and energy levels - as well as their different hormone stages - reproductive, peri-menopausal and post-menopausal. In turn, these menstrual phases and hormone stages inform optimum food and exercise choices. Dr Pelz’s research has found that this method of fasting can help with gynaecological conditions such as PCOS, adenomyosis, dysmenorrhea and irregular periods. Not only that, but fasting can help with a variety of gastrointestinal/digestive issues and can allow the body to repair itself.

Dr Pelz advocates that by cycle syncing, other areas of your life become easier - work, socialising, self-awareness and self-care generally.
I highly recommend listening to this podcast episode if you’re interested in understanding more about fasting, nutrition and exercise in relation to women’s health. If you do listen, please let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you. Our contact details are below.

Dr Mindy Pelz is an expert in women’s health, nutrition, hormones and fasting. She has her own YouTube channel ‘Dr Mindy Pelz’. She is the host of one of the leading science podcasts, ‘The Resetter Podcast’, and the author of three best-selling books; ‘The Menopause Reset’, ‘The Reset Factor’, and ‘The Reset Kitchen’ Her new book is called ‘Fast Like a Girl’ All her work is scientifically backed and has been carried out over her entire career.

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