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Miss your gym buddies?

This article first appeared as a blog on https://fiit.tv/

Miss your gym buddies? You can create your own group workouts with our partners FIIT

We train stronger together. Working out with friends pushes us harder and keeps us accountable. So in 2019 we launched the UK’s first live leaderboard HIIT workouts, with Fiit Club. These classes let you train with people around the world in 60+ scheduled workouts a day.

Now, as Covid-19 continues to affect group classes in gyms — we’re taking things one step further.

We’re really excited to announce our newest feature, that lets you create your own group class! You choose the trainer, class, time and guest list. We bring the best workout you can get (in or out of the gym).

Your next meetup. Is on the mat.

It could be a long time before group classes at the gym return to normal. Our newest feature is here to help you stay accountable and connected to friends, even when you can’t meet at the gym.

Not only that, our stats show that training together helps you burn 22% more calories than on demand classes — so if you want the most efficient workout possible, invite your friends and get ready to level up.

How it works

With group classes you now have the power to take on whoever you want, including the Fiit community! So how do you get started?

First of all, you need to be on the latest version of our app. So head over to the Google Play Store or App Store to update.

You can create a group class from any of the 500+ on-demand (or training plan) workouts in the app. From 10 minute stretches and yoga flows to 40 minute equipment classes, the options are endless. Simply tap the ‘Schedule group class’ button on your chosen class and pick a time and date that works for you (at least 15 minutes before you want to work out).

As the host, you’ll get a unique class link you can share with as many people as you like, wherever they may be. Have everyone join the lobby at least 10 minutes before the class starts.

You’ll see your scheduled group class, start time and guest list under the ‘Schedule’ tab (and so will your guests once they’ve booked in).

Will there be a leaderboard?

You bet. Cardio classes include a live leaderboard so you can challenge your friends to the top. But if you’re not one for friendly competition, you can easily swipe it away. If you’re not tracking your stats with a device, you won't appear on the leaderboard either.

For strength workouts, we don’t want you sacrificing your form over Points. It’s quality reps over quantity every time. So we haven’t added a leaderboard, but you’ll still see your rep count on the screen — and you’ll be able to compare it with your friends’ scores in a post-workout leaderboard.

As you know, the Rebalance studio is all about finding calm on the mat. So you’ll flow together, without scoring points.


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